Seahaven Dance – Carolin – Our German Exchange Student.

Carolin was one of our exchange students from Germany, read on to find out about how she got on with us and what she thought of her experience.

Hello! I am Carolin, 15 years old and I am from Germany. I have moved to England for 6 months as an exchange student. I have been living with a host family, whose daughters both danced at Seahaven dance. Dancing has always been part of my old life and I hoped to continue it during my stay. When I arrived in England I was given the chance to continue dancing immediately. After a trail class I was allowed to join in three dance classes. I was so happy about that! In the following months we started practising for the performances, which were a huge success! I had been involved in a few performances before, but I was so impressed by them! All the dances, costumes and performers were so amazingly good! Everything was well organised and choreographed! Mechele and Amy and all their little helpers had put such an effort to it and it had definitely paid off! After the show we came back to the normal training again. I have learned so much in them! In my old lessons we mainly did bar work and hardly danced in the middle. Firstly, I struggled with keeping up with all the exercises, but Mechele and Amy did a brilliant job to help me to catch up. I have made a lot of progress and I am so happy that I was given the chance to dance at Seahaven dance! It has been one of my week highlights and helped me through times of homesickness. I have made many new friends and really enjoyed the great atmosphere between teachers and students; and students and students!

I had such a lovely time and will miss being at Seahaven Dance!